Destiny Content Vault Blues Raid Race

DoD Westside is hosting a raid race the two weekends prior to Beyond Light launching.  Since we’re all sad (blue) about some of our favorite raids being vaulted, we want to hearken back to the days when skill was required to clear raids and not just OP weapons and cheese strats. To be a test of true skill, only Blue (rare) weapons and armor will be allowed. 

October 30th – November 1st: Eater of Worlds Raid Race
November 6th – 8th: Scourge of the Past Raid Race

The Rules:


  • All players must be part of same clan or clan affiliation (sub clans of larger clan).
  • All teams must belong to a recognized Dads of Destiny clan.
  • Clans may enter multiple teams.
  • Same 6 players that start the raid must finish
  • If a team submits a second run, at least four of the original players must be a part of the run.


  • ONLY blue(rare) weapons and armor may be used.
  • The player streaming/recording will inspect all players loadouts before loading in to raid.
  • We can only verify weapons used during the raid after the fact, so please, no cheating.

The Run

  • Runs must be done within 72 hours of reset of the first day.
  • Must be a full run. NO CHECKPOINTS.
  • All encounters must be completed by all players.
  • No skipping ahead before end of encounter.
  • No glitching/skating to bypass sections.
    1. This includes sparrow/sword skating or other tricks to traverse quicker than normal sprinting/jumping or sparrow riding.
  • No cheese strats.
    1. No ball dupes
    2. No “Joining Allies” to remove debuffs
  • No going to orbit to skip sections/jumping puzzles
  • “Pulling” players via starting encounters/joining allies is OK


  • All entries should be sent to @ with subject “Raid Race Entry”
  • Must submit team name, link and link to uncut video (YT or twitch VOD) of run
  • Teams may submit a second, faster run as long as at least 4 players are the same from the first run.
  • Entries must be submitted no later than 3 hours after the run window closes. (3pm EST/12pm PST on Monday)


  • All teams must register a team name, clan(s),  the name of the raid being run, and roster ahead of time.
  • Registrations to be sent to @ with subject “Raid Race Registration”
  • Registration deadline is 9pm EST/6pm PST the Thursday prior (Oct 29th/Nov 5th)

Subsequent announcements will be posted on our twitter account: @dodwestside

Questions can be DMed to our twitter account or sent to the email address above.