Welcome to DoD Westside.  We are a group of dads over 300 strong that understand that family and life come before picking up a controller.  We are a crossplay clan (most are on Playstation) situated primarily in the western United States, although we do have members across multiple timezones. If you’re looking for a chill gaming experience with good friends (we do put our tryhard pants on and get sweaty from time to time), then you’re in the right place.

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So, you think you’d be a good fit for the Westside?  Welcome aboard!  Jump through a couple of small hoops and you’ll be pushing back the Darkness with us in no time.


About Us


A simple, yet accurate description of what we’re about here at DoD Westside. As dads, we know that there isn’t always time for gaming, or that game time and family time can overlap. Its not uncommon to hear our kids (or spouses) in the background during party chats, and having to put the controller down in the middle of a raid to deal with a kid is not a big deal.

We are fathers, uncles, and siblings in one giant, dysfunctional family. Represent as you would want to be represented.