A simple, yet accurate description of what we’re about here at DoD Westside. As dads, we know that there isn’t always time for gaming, or that game time and family time can overlap. Its not uncommon to hear our kids (or spouses) in the background during party chats, and having to put the controller down in the middle of a raid to deal with a kid is not a big deal.

We are fathers, uncles, and siblings in one giant, dysfunctional family. Represent as you would want to be represented.


How do I join?

Follow the steps specified on the Join DoD Westside page.

Can I invite others to join the clan?

Absolutely! Just make sure they follow the steps for joining.

Clan Tags

How do I get clan tags?

We have a short “quest” and a one week trial period to get to know you and play a little together. 

Why is there more than one Westside clan tag?

Bungie has a 100 member limit for clans. We are a growing group with (currently) nearly 300 members.  In order to accommodate this, we have to use three clan tags:

DoD Westside Prime
DoD Westside Rogue
DoD Westside Legion
DoD Westside Havoc

The Game

Is Destiny the only game you play?

While Destiny is the primary focus of this clan, our members play a number of other games, usually whatever the latest popular games are at the time.  We have a section in our Discord server dedicated to other games.

Do you play competitively?

Having fun is the most import thing for us, so most of our gameplay is casual, but we do have members that like to get sweaty from time to time.  We’ll put together a team or two for tournaments, and some of us take our PvP more serious than the rest.

Whenever Iron Banner rolls around, we compete in some friendly internal competitions with some other DoD clans.

Having a good time with our clanmates is still the most important thing for us.

What times do you usually play?

Most of us are in the Pacific time zone, but we have members all over the United States.  A good majority of us play evenings, but there are usually members on mornings, afternoons, and even late at night.

What platform do you play on?

We are a PlayStation clan, but since Cross Save was implemented, we do have some people that play on the other platforms from time to time.



Can I get help with X?

Yes! You can! Just make a post in the appropriate chat room, and one of our members will be glad to help you out.  We have a number of Raid sherpas and PvP gurus that love to teach strategies and mechanics to any that are willing to listen and learn.

Who do I go to if I have a problem?

DoD Westside admins are:

  • Radimus-prime23 (our founder)
  • ash3825

Admins have final say on all things.  Our band of Regulators (or REGs) assist the admins with moderating chats, organizing events, helping clanmates in game (although REGs aren’t the only members of the clan that offer game help), and other various duties. Current REGs:

  • Garstone
  • Dankus–315
  • ks_docb
  • muttpep
  • Sidneythepirate
  • War187187
  • Zackplays

These are all PSN IDs, so please feel free to send us a friend request and ask us any questions you like.